The ARC Triangle is not equilateral. Affinity and reality are much less important than communication. It might be said that the triangle begins with communication, which brings into existence affinity and reality.

In Scientology great importance is placed on the factor of communication because Scientologists know that communication is the bridge to higher states of awareness and happiness.

These three terms—affinity, reality and communication—all together add up to understanding.

They are interdependent on each other and when one drops, the other two drop also. When one point of the ARC Triangle rises, the other two rise also.

The ARC Triangle has many uses in improving conditions in life. It answers the question of how to talk to someone—if one uses the triangle and chooses a subject on which the person being talked to can agree, affinity will rise and communication will be better.

Using the principle that raising any corner of this triangle raises the other two, one can improve his relationship with anyone. This is the first step in helping others.